Journal of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Nariño: 44 years of successful periplus


  • Germán Chaves J.
  • Francisco Javier Torres M.
  • Álvaro Castillo M.



Bibliometric, articles, university publication, research.


This article is a reflection paper,from an analytical perspective,in relation to the

periplus of the Journal of Agricultural Sciences of the Faculty of Agricultural

Sciences at the University of Nariño, developed through a bibliometrics

consultation of all editions over a period of 43 years and includes the most

important records of the 383 papers that have been published regularly since 1969

until 2012. In addition, specialized literature was reviewed in order to examine the

scope of this important means of diffusion at the university. Preliminary

investigation of paper content showed that these include undergraduate work,

research, master's thesis, and research groups’ results. Similarly, the analysis

included relevant aspects such as publication background, authors, areas of

knowledge about each paper, and investigated plant species. Moreover, this

investigation is relevant, because it is the first of its kind and contributes an

analysis aimed at assessing and improving the performance of this important

means of agricultural scientific knowledge diffusion at regional, national, and

international levels. It is noteworthy to mention that the journal achieved its

indexing to COLCIENCIAS category C in 2010, making it into the National Index of

Scientific and Technological Publication- PUBLINDEX, a rating it has maintained

until today.


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